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Examining Politics

Sep 25, 2017

40 years after ‘Black Monday,’ when 5,000 employees of Youngstown Sheet and Tube lost their jobs, we still feel the effects today. With President Trump promising the return of blue collar jobs in factories and mines, the 40th anniversary of Black Monday falls at the perfect time. Salena is joined by Paul Sracic,...

Sep 19, 2017

Today, we join Salena as she talks about her home of “Pennsyl-tuckey” with fellow native Terry Madonna, professor of Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College.  They discuss re-election in Pennsylvania’s Senate and House along with a discussion about future politics in the hands of millennials. 

Sep 15, 2017

The Washington Examiner’s commentary writer Tom Rogan and Red Alert Politic’s assistant editor Siraj Hashmi fill in for Salena Zito on Mainstream Meets the Beltway. This dynamic duo lead the charge on a wide range of topics beginning with DACA. With President Trump looking to phase out the protection for...

Sep 12, 2017

North Korea is again posing a threat by testing with nuclear weapons, but this time they intend to test with the hydrogen bomb.  Linda Hernandez is joined by the Washington Examiner’s defense expert Jaime McIntyre to discuss how the United States and other countries plan to prevent this from happening. 

Sep 7, 2017

Salena is back in the studio, and is joined by her former crush and Pittsburgh radio legend Scott Paulsen. After a discussion on social media’s talent for bringing out the best and worst in humanity, the two pivot to Scott’s new book, ‘Dirty Hippies.’ The novel tells the tale of a small town overtaken by...